Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Introducing Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor is a politician of the future. Leader of the Political movement.
His political message is simple, direct and to the point.
“We’ve been had. We are all slaves to economic and political masters. They’ve lied to us over everything and now is the time to take back the power that is rightfully ours. Join me and together we can change the world.”
Matthew Taylor lives in Brighton UK with his partner Karina and two children aged 5 years old and 6 months old.
He is currently promoting his collection of true life stories called Taylor Tales
He is available for representation and looks forward to promoting his message.
Like he always says “Together we can change the world.”
If you are interested in working with Matthew please get in touch and make it happen.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

SOS Party: The Truth, the Facts and the Lies

"There is no truth, only facts and lies," said my mum.

It’s been since watching 'September Clues' and 'Moon Rising’; I have come to the conclusion that everything I've believed to be true is in fact a lie.

Forum Questions answered

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. I was excited about joining this forum and the replies have made it all worthwhile.

Hey look everyone. The SOS Party is my answer to politics.

It’s my one and only way to get my political voice heard.

And ‘Yes’, I picked myself as Leader of the SOS Party because the SOS Party is a one-man band.

I’ve got a simple motto when it comes to politics. Whatever politicians say no too, I say yes too. Whatever politicians say yes too, I say no too.

It’s been since watching 'September Clues' and 'Moon Rising’; I have come to the conclusion that everything I've believed to be true is in fact a lie.
Hence the reason why I’ve joined this forum.
There is no way in hell that I’d vote for any of the political parties because I have come to the conclusion that my vote is worthless. The establishment dictates what is going to happen to our futures and my vote won’t make one bit of difference to their will.

Like I wrote in my book, The SOS Political Manual (Available from no book stores), and which no doubt all of you know to be true, the establishment is like a fictional company, which secretly owns both Pepsi and Coca Cola. They play each brand of the other giving the customer the illusion they have choice. When in actually fact it’s the same product in both cans!

The SOS Party is the only way that I can pretend to have control over my own destiny. And I stand by my policies.

How I’d reward people going to church?
Giving them a Sunday Roast.

Legalizing all drugs is a bloody good idea. People out there have friends who have been caught in the spiral of despair, which addicts go through. Hey, I’ve got a sister who’s a heroin addict and it’s killed my mother as a result, so I know more than anyone the pain drugs cause.

If my sister could have got her drugs without committing crime to get it, perhaps the a lot of the worst shit wouldn’t have happened.

If heroin and smack wasn’t mixed with rat poison, cyanide, talcum powder and other such stuff, perhaps so many people wouldn’t have died.
Hey, the legalization of all drugs has never been tried so how can any of you say it wouldn’t work?
One thing is for certain. The illegalization of drugs has been tried and it hasn’t worked.

According to the documentary channels I watch, over a trillion dollars has been spent on tackling crimes.

Well, that was money down the drain wasn’t it?

Hey, why not try something radical? Like giving them what they want without them having to commit crime to get it.

How can any off you say the SOS policies are unworkable when none of them have ever been tried? I just don’t get it?
Some people out there don’t like leaders…
Hey dude, you’d better get used to it. Leaders are everywhere. And a new generation is coming up through the ranks.
OK OK, yes I may be misguided. But how would you feel if someone said that to you? But I’ll take it on the chin.
Let me assure you. I’m for real…

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Why the British Judicial System should be dumped!

I stand by my comments. Yes, I think it’ll be in the national interest for the judicial system to be abandoned.
Isn’t it after all the means in which the ruling elite controls the masses?
The Lords of the land make the Laws of the land. The common people have no say.
In the 21st century this should change. All laws as we know them to be now should be ripped up and throw away.
A new set all laws democratically agreed by the people of Britain can then replace the old.
I’m not for one moment advocating doing away with laws. No way. I’m advocating doing away with the laws forced upon us by people who haven’t got the people’s interest at heart.
The secrecy surrounding family courts. For one that’s a travesty!
Sentencing is a joke. Go down for two, serve one. It makes no sense.
Should even the crime of murder be reviewed? Why is it illegal to murder another individual but yet in the name of war it’s not?
Isn’t even jury by twelve peers a flawed out-dated method of determining innocence or guilt?
Wouldn’t a computer be better?
Isn’t even the assumption of innocence over guilt a flawed starting point too? Perhaps the system would work better if we are all assumed guilty of the crimes brought against us and it’s then up to the accused to prove their innocence.
I have so many questions about the reliability and justibility of our judicial system. So no, I will not retract my statement.
The British Judicial System should go…. Or at the very least, be subjected to a massive rethink…
I'm Matthew Taylor and I vote SOS.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Message to Ed

I just don’t believe you, when you said at the start of your acceptance speech, that when you first signed up to be a member of the labour party, you never for one moment hoped one day you’ll be its leader.
It just doesn’t ring true. I put it to you that the only reason you joined the labour party was to be its leader...
It’s nothing to be ashamed off. We all know you Dad was passionate about politics and no doubt being brought up in that environment, you’ll be passionate too.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dragon's Den Application

I'm asking the Dragons to invest in me. As leader of the SOS Party I’ll use the investment to make myself a household name and in doing so ignite the spark that will ultimately bring about a new world order.
The majority of the public doesn’t vote, it's these people I’ll target with my unique brand of politics, which entertains not bores.
Revenue will be from merchandise sells, such as tee shirts, books, DVDs etc, plus national tours and TV programs.
I'll use the investment to build a HQ and TV studio, plus launch a campaign at the next general election.
I’ve written books on the subject (The SOS Manifesto and have published a collection of true life stories (, plus numerous youtube videos. (
A hundred years from now, when we all live in a world free of war, poverty and child-abuse, a world in which we have contact with Interstellar Species who share their technologies because Humanity has progressed. We will remember the Dragon’s sparked the light, which made it happen.
This is a unique opportunity for the Dragon’s to make history.
Make history by investing in ‘his (Matthew Taylor’s) story’.
Check out for further information.
(Author, Writer, Actor, Performer, Film Maker, Life Coach, Father and Son)
I'm the newest political talent waiting to be discovered.

Friday, 2 July 2010

A Paradigm Shift

I've had a paradigm shift. I no longer see myself as a fat man, but instead a thin man trapped in a fat man's body.

Weight check= 18st 11lbs

Keep on Running

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm fat

I’m 19 stone 1 pound. Fuck me that’s heavy.

My goal is to lose the weight of a baby (in the region of 9lbs 10ozs), because when you look at me it looks like I’m carrying a baby.

I’m so fat that my waistline was larger than my girl friend’s when she was 9 months pregnant.

I wish I was the first pregnant man in history, but no the truth is I’m just fat.

I went for an hour run tonight and enjoyed it immensely. It was brilliant and I loved every minute.

Thus my plan is to go running three times a week. Buy a Pilates DVD, eat less and only eat fruit as snacks. No more crisps, biscuits and other high calorie foods.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in my life I’m weighing myself.

It’s time to get anal about weight.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Who’s crazier?
Political leaders who send our fittest and brightest men to death in the name of war or I for promoting the idea of fighting wars with lasers in which no-one dies?
How many times have past soldiers, scholars and poets told us about the futility of war? But yet society refuses to listen.

If you haven't already, please check out the THE SOS WAR PLAN and tell me who's mad?

28 Days Later

So much for Nick Clegg’s claim that liberties lost under the Labour government would be given back.

Having asked us to put our faith in politics again, I did so with an open heart and hoped politician’s will at last live up to their potential.

I was particularly keen to hear about the ‘28 days detention without charge’ issue.

In my humble opinion this is the greatest assault on our civil liberties in a hundred years.

How dare the state lock anyone up for 28 days without any charge or any explanation for doing so?

Stop using the terrorism excuse. If a terrorist is a terrorist then the evidence should be clear to see. If there is no evidence to imply one is a terrorist then it’s odd’s on favorite one isn’t.

This was the litmus test for me. The coalition government’s decision to keep the status quo for the next six months is a bitter disappointment.

It looks like its politics as normal to me.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sorry is the easiest word

I said sorry to Karina tonight and it was the best sorry I’ve made.

Last night I had a go at her for making me go up-stairs to close our bedroom window.

When I say had a go. I mean I lambasted her.

OK, she never actually made me. I insisted in doing it. She was more than willing to do it herself but I was adamant. She is after all nine months pregnant and is about to drop any hour.

She wanted to close the window because some inconsiderate neighbour of a barstad had a bonfire alight and she was worried the toxic smoke of the bonfire would affect the good health of our daughter fast asleep in her bed.

It was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Our bedroom window was open, behind curtains with-in a room with the door closed. How on earth would the toxic smoke of the bonfire get to our daughter who slept in the bedroom next door?

Anyway, I lambasted Karina about it and she went ballistic. She would not let me get away with it. Complaining that she was nine months pregnant and that I should know better. And yes, in hindsight I wish I had kept my mouth shut.

It's because she's been to the acupuncturist who told her that sex is a good way to bring on delivery that she is willing to forgive me. (I heard an interesting fact lately guys. Yes, sperm does help the hormones to do their stuff and bring on a delivery, but it doesn't have to be delivered through the vagina. Via the stomach is just as effective...)

So, she's been to the acupuncturist and the baby should be here any day now. Of-course she needs my sperm to bring it on, just as she needed it to start the whole process and all we needed was a little something.

A foot massage. No, an apology.

Sorry really is the easiest word to say especially when it rubs clean everything that was said yesterday.

Waiting for a baby to be born.

We're waiting patiently for the baby to arrive.

Today, tomorrow or even next week. One way or the other, the baby will be born very soon.

Matt Taylor