Sunday, 6 November 2016

Controversial writer Matt Taylor fervently denies he's a paedophile.

By Chris Spivvey

Top Alternative Media writer

Matt Taylor has denied claims made by Paul Miosage, that he is a paedophile.

Miosge commented on the Google+ platform, “I put it to you Sir, that you are in fact the paedophile.”

Defiant in his defence, the father of two replied, “I have never had any sexual relations with a minor.”

Matt Taylor

Tit for Tat.

Responsible for the blog “Russell Brand exposed as a Paedophile,” which has gone viral and read by over 100,000 people; Taylor's latest post, ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words,’ is equally controversial because it continues on the theme, implying veteran entertainers Tom Jones, Cliff Richards, and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, are also paedophiles.

According to the writer, who is viewed as a 'loose cannon' within the Alternative Media, the world is run on shame in which Queen Elizabeth II intentionally chooses her PM's on MI5's advice, of how easy they are to blackmail.

Suppressed by Sussex Police and ignored by the mainstream press, the Ex Royal Military Policeman has been accredited with forcing an IPCC investigation into the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne for lying during the 2016 PCC election.

Freedom of Speech and Expression Denied...

Complaining he’s a victim of government censorship, his blog Shadow Sussex Police Crime Commissioner, (in which he holds Sussex Police and Katy Bourne to account;) has been removed from the internet after he posted three blogs, calling into question the involvement of Sussex Police in the Shoreham Air-Show crash and the Camber Sands tragedy, which collectively killed 17 people.

An award winning film maker and a published author; the self-proclaimed “revolutionary,” has launched his latest campaign; “Let's get it sorted by Christmas;” to finally rid the world of the Satanic scum who run it.

He said, “By my calculations the Windsor Royal dynasty is set to end in 2016; this means we need to get it sorted by Christmas. There has never been a better time in history to do it than now. All the players are in place. Moai King John Wanoa, crime stopper Brian Setchfield, peaceful warrior John Paterson, whistle blowers Gordon Bowden, Field McConnell, Bases Lectures organiser and researcher Miles Johnson and Richard D Hall; to name but a few. With the whole Alternative Media on side with one goal, we can turn this world around within 24 hours.”

Set to take Britain by storm, and heralding the return of King Arthur II; the maverick claims to only crave the simple things in life.

He said, “I'll be happy when I have an Earth-ship, a Space Ship and Tesla electric car.”

A champion of the Hampstead Kids who claim to be victims of satanic ritual abuse and the Leader of the UK's Moai King William IV Party, the Brighton based star is already being likened to the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Fulfilling a lifetime's ambition, the 45-year-old adventurer stood in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown General Election, appearing at hustings with MP's Simon Kirby, Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle, coming last with 69 votes. The Brightonian also stood in the 2012 and 2016 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, up against the rising star of the Conservative Party, Katy Bourne.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Top Links.

When will I achieve the level of recognition I think I deserve?
When will I be famous?
When will I get my picture in the papers.

After-all I work hard. I work very hard.

Below is just a small collection of the work I produce and publish:

Chris Spivey says he deserves to be a multi-millionaire

Suffer the Hampstead kids - A Special Report by Matt Taylor
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British Royal Family named as Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members
the british royal family are named as ninth circle cult members.
Queen is named as part of International Paedophile ring
Bill Maloney from Pie'n'Mash Films has named the Queen as part of an international paedophile ring. Read more at
Katy Bourne - Fraud Commissioner
Queen Elizabeth II dethroned by Moai King
When one Monarchy ends, another begins, but no one could have guessed the Moai did it
Prince William and Prince George killed in a terrorist attack
Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack? Controversial conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey has made a chilling prediction ...
In the absence of any comment from Katy Bourne about the IPCC criminal investigation against her for electoral fraud, the public is left speculating as to what she ...
Cover up : Noun 1. an attempt to prevent people discovering the truth about a serious mistake or crime. There can be no denying there is a cover-up in place to hide the truth about the Shoreham air…
The Windsor Royal Dynasty will end in 2016
Guerrilla Democracy News can exclusively predict the Windsor Royal Dynasty will end in 2016.
The Story of the Century - The Moai are Coming
Inventing the 12 days of Christmas by having a feast in memory of each apostle, one by one up to Christ’s birth. (Did you know King Arthur II was born on 25 ...
Brighton Hit and Run - In the style of Chris Spivey
brighton hit & run; a false flag event written in the style of chris spivey.
Camber Sands - A Tragedy - A Cover-up - A Special Report by Matt Taylor
A special report by Matt Taylor. Five die at Camber Sands on hottest day of the year! Isn’t it incredible that five fit and health young men, could all die along the same stretch of beach at …
Day in, day out, I write and write and write. I know people read what I write because I continually check out my readership stats on a daily basis.

For example; on one day last week 7,000 people read my article- The Imminent Arrest of the Queen.
The Queen has granted herself (and her family) a new right of absolute secrecy unsurpassed in British history, in an attempt to cover up paedophile claims ...
6,000 people read it the following day and 2,000 the day after.

I know people read my stuff because certain articles go viral (when I least expect them to.)

The thrill and excitement of watching an article go viral is awesome and immense fun.

I expect writers are like musicians. Everyone likes to have their work valued, watched and shared.

The last impression I want to impress is that I've ungrateful for the feed-back I receive. But on the whole, I get no feedback and have no idea how well my articles are received.

I like to think I write explosive articles ,which other reporters would love to write but daren't to, (because they know the reaction of their editors if they did.)

I predominately share and publicise my articles using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Plus taking full advantage of tags,) I get a lot of traffic directed to my articles via Google searches.

Oh how I wish I could do more...

I often rack my brain thinking of ways to publicise my articles, to get them read by as many people as possible.

Facebook and Google are my biggest asset tools. A well directed and headlined article has the potential to be shared thousands and thousands of times. But still I want more.

If you can think of any ways I can get my articles read by more people, please let me know. It often feels as if I'm hitting my head against a brick wall; or better yet, hitting my head against the glass ceiling.

I need a breakthrough to take me to the next level.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Numerology - What my name means.

Your name: Matthew Daniel Taylor is associated with the gematria number 1.
Your name in hexadecimal: 4D 61 74 74 68 65 77 20 44 61 6E 69 65 6C 20 54 61 79 6C 6F 72
Your birth date: 07061971 corresponds to Life Path number 4.
Your sign of the Zodiac is Cancer. 
You were born in the year of the Pig. 

Number One People

You are imaginative, charming, and truly generous to the person you love. However, you have a tendency to be quick-tempered and overly critical. You are also inclined to be somewhat of an opportunist. Persons with your number should be happy in sales or as writers, critics, or publicists.
If you were born during the day, you are most likely to have a rich easy life. If you were born during the night, you may have a life of hard work. People with your number are usually cheerful and kind.

People associated with the number one are noted for their charm and attraction for the opposite sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists. They are basically thrifty with money. However, you are easily angered and love to gossip. Your ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful. You are both charming and aggressive. You appear calm and well balanced on the surface, but underneath, you are restless and a little nervous. Number One people are compatible, hard working, and they know how to hang on to money. They are never without admirers. They are very appealing. They have a bright and happy personality, and this keeps them busy socially. They love parties and other large gatherings. They like belonging to exclusive clubs and will often have a close circle of fellow conspirators. They like involvement and are very outgoing. They cherish friends and loved ones. For this reason, they often get entangled with others' problems and lives.

Number One people love money and are quite shrewd where a buck is concerned. It is a hard task to separate you from your money. However, you can be very generous when your loved ones are concerned. Relatives are always welcome. Persons with the number one are definitely clannish and clever. With all these people around, Number One persons always find tasks for them to earn their keep. People will be put to work quickly in your house. You know how to keep a secret, if it's your own, but you are adept at finding out what others try to keep to themselves, and you wouldn't be above using the information if it is for your benefit.

It is always possible to tell when Number One persons are upset. They become edgy, very nervous, and quite nagging. Number One persons are always looking for a bargain. They often buy things they don't need and tend to save everything. Souvenirs and sentimental odds and ends are found tucked away everywhere.

Since they make it a point to know everything about everybody, Number One persons are excellent writers. They have a good memory and are extremely inquisitive. Number One persons can be successful in almost everything they try to do. They easily adapt themselves to the situation at hand. They are at their best during any crisis and are great problem solvers. Number One persons are very level headed and are also very alert. Their intuition is strong and they are always on the lookout for opportunities to better themselves. Number One persons seldom get into jams they can't escape since they cover themselves well in advance. They have a built in alarm system.

One of the biggest faults of Number One persons is that they try to do too much at once. They often scatter their energies and get nothing accomplished. Once they learn to finish what they have started, there is no stopping them from being successful. Number One persons must also watch those fast deals and those great bargains. In these areas their judgment may fail them. They must not become too greedy, or they will suffer a financial blow or two.

Number One persons have great respect for their parents and dote on their own children. They love their home. Family life is very important to them. Number One persons born during the evening are tempted to a more hectic life than those born during the day.

Number One persons learn early, quickly, and are avid readers. They know how to express themselves well in writing and orally. Given the slightest chance, Number One persons can be successfull in life.

Life Path 4

The Life Path 4 suggests that you entered this plane with a natural genius for planning, fixing, building, and somehow, with practical application and cerebral excellence, making things work. You are one of the most trustworthy, practical, and down-to-earth of individuals; the cornerstone members of society. Indeed, as a Life Path 4, you are a builder of society. The cream of the crop in this Life Path can be a master builder in society. if you are among these highly talented people, you have an idealistic nature which is grounded in practical terms, allowing you to conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes and carry them through to the end. If you desire and are willing to work for it, you can achieve enormous success, prestige, and fame. Obviously, everyone with a 4 Life Path does not become famous.

All with this Life Path have the ability to take orders and to carry them out with dedication and perseverance and many 4s live and work happily in this context. But so often, the 4 Life Path is the entrepreneur and manager in the community. In either role, you always demand as much from yourself as you do from others, and sometimes a lot more.

You have the kind of will power that is often mistaken for sheer stubbornness. You don't think of yourself as dogged, but your honest beliefs and that ever direct speech makes you come across as completely unremitting. Once a decision is made, it will be followed through to the conclusion, right, wrong, or indifferent. You are very set in your ways and determined to handle things the way you are so certain that they should be handled. Your tenacity of purpose and ability to get the job done borders on obsession. You are a wonderful manager with a great sense of how to get the job done.
You are an excellent organizer and planner because of your innate ability to view things in a very common sense and practical way. This stems from a strong desire to be a perfectionist in your labor. Planning is necessary to avoid errors. It's very likely that a 4 Life Path person invented the to-do list, because it is the rare Life Path 4 who doesn't have one by her side at all times. Your life is programed in an orderly fashion permitting you to catalog and manage the flow of ideas and activities that fill your day. Indeed, you seem to function best when you are under the gun and facing a tough set of problems.

Loyal and devoted, you make the best of your marriage, and you are always the good provider. Friends may be few in number, but you are very close to them and once friendships are made, they often last a lifetime.

The number 4 is solidly associated with the element of earth from which it gains its strength and utter sense of reality. You are one of the most dependable people you know. If patience and determination can ever win, you are sure to achieve great success in life. Often, you are called on to take care of others; to finish what they have started. It may not seem fair and probably isn't, but it may be the key to your accomplishment and reputation.

The negative side of the 4 can prove dogmatic to an excess, narrow-minded, and repressive. A lot of skin-deep people turn you off, and you lack the tact to keep your feelings from being totally clear to all around. Additionally, the negative 4 has a bad tendency to get caught up in the daily routine of affairs, missing the big picture and major opportunities that come along once in a while.