Thursday, 30 June 2016

It's a bitter pill to swallow

It's a bitter pill to swallow, when your partner of nearly 15 years, tells you, you need counselling for having certain political opinions...
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Monika Escobar Stay who you are Matt. Stay a warrior.
Matt Taylor Thanks Moni, I will....
Jaymie Anna-Marie Patrick Stewart Certainly is hard especially when partners are not as involved or dedicated to making the world a better place for them and the babies.. 
Matt Taylor At the moment she's chanting Japanese words repeatedly for world peace and personal happiness. She's been at it since 10am. And she says I need counselling lol... Thanks for replying, it's good to know I'm not the only one.
Jaymie Anna-Marie Patrick Stewart She's worried,better to comfort her and remind her you love her 
Jules Freeman now that's lovely
Matt Taylor
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Paul Burgess Ouch! Tough one, I've been very fortunate, my recent partners have been very awake
Kathy Murray Oh ive heard it a now xxx
Matt Taylor Good idea. I will thanks.
Carsten Halffter YOU ARE Not alone... Bro... In a few years we will see us again....

Head up my friend 😎😇
Laurence Loli certainly grounds for divorce id say
Donna Leamhan My parents told me same, nmy mum reported me to social services as a risk to my kids soknow wat u mean buddy
Jacqueline Mollie Chick People are having their love one's sectioned for the same thing, be vigilant x
Robert Eyres I'm going through the same thing 😯
Denise Patton I think maybe we are all scared at the moment and are therefore clinging stronger than ever to our personal beliefs, creating rifts that previously seemed insignificant in the scale of things. Maybe the whole referendum thing really was a psyop to cause this  ... Don't let the bastards win  x
Marylou Gardener Just be kind to each other, even if it means just silence cos you can't speak to each other cos it sets off arguments, make her a cup of coffee, without any sighs or huffing and puffing, just muddle on through, the hardest part is working things out es...See More
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May Day Be very careful - I was sectioned by my own parenents and sister for the same thing....................
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David Russell I was by sussex police but only for 20 days an independent tribunal agreed with me!
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May Day Snap
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May Day Except I did 26 days.
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David Russell I already have things in the system such as I have made it clear I don't consent to being governed and pointed out certain points in law and definitions of words to the reliant heads of state but sussex police do appear to have some issue with this or someone in sussex police!
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May Day Did they get you addicted to anything while you were in there?
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David Russell no I refused to take anything or engage with them just telling them they had no right questioning how not giving my consent and understanding the proper meaning of words makes me a danger to the community and refused to talk to them when they stated la...See More
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David Russell I actually have a permanent estoppel from the attorney general over 15 years ago against both bodies!
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Matt Taylor
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Daryl Payan John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
I do NOT lie to you..
You are a god unto yourself.
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Jeremy Ayres just take the pill, you'll feel better later!
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Daryl Payan The Great Awaking, maybe a water adventure somewhere out of the city.
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David Russell sorry to hear that mate but remember this its her that needs counselling if she still trust known lyres!
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