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Once again David Todd posts a comment of putting a 9mm pistol to the back of a benefit claimant’s head and pulling the trigger.

And once again, people 'like' his post and add their own fascist comments, further stigmatizing benefit claimants as second classed citizens and blaming them for what’s wrong in society.

Why the jealously? I just don’t get it, as the singing operetta said to the old lady waiting at the bus stop.

I am so annoyed because it’s just so wrong.

Let me explain myself and if at the end if you haven’t changed your mind, we’ll reevaluate our relationship if you don't mind.

OK, let’s look at this short video from Daybreak TV which David Todd commented about shooting benefit claimants dead with a 9mm.

That comment alone fills me with anger and disgust. David Todd, who I know through Andrew Clarke, who David Todd is his boss and who I meet while out on Andrew’s Stag'Do in London 2009.

Footage of Andrew Clarke's Stag Do, 2009.

David Todd is clearly a psychopath and a Nazi, who should be arrested. He reminds me of my brother in law (NOT) John Moran who is quoted as saying “Benefit claimants should be sent to the gas chambers”. 

After-all haven’t we seen this before in history?

An innocent section of society being demonized as society’s greatest problem, diverting attention away from the real culprits, who in today’s case are the bankers, the Establishment and corporate bosses.

And you…. my close family, my close friends, my colleagues and mentors are buying it hook line and sinker.

And what’s worse is that you are buying it from a bunch of elitist toff nosed conservatives.

Aled Jones laments the lady featured in the video by comparing her life style against those who work all the hours God sends them….

Who works all the hours God send them? Come on. I once walked home through a Chinese market at 4am in Hong Kong and witnessed a man standing up asleep as he chopped meat. As I passed his boss snapped at him and he awoke with a startle and immediately continued chopping, reprimanded for nodding off on the job

I imagine that man worked all hours God sent him but to imply people literally work 24 hours a day is ludicrous.

The law dictates 40 hours a working week is the average time people should spend at work. It’s called a full time job. It leaves you with 80 hours to sleep, feed, drink, wash and watch TV.

Like the lady said in the video, if you want to do anymore or any less, then it is their choice.

Remember my pro-word, the LAW. The law dictates that benefits are an entitlement of life. The LAW dictates an amount of money which people are entitled to live on. The LAW dictates this because otherwise people will DIE from starvation.

We the people are born into a capitalism system in which we have no control over, but yet the Tory party steamrolls over benefit claimant’s entitlements and YOU cheer as they do so.

I never lived under Nazi Germany, but what I’m hearing from the internet is that it’s just like what it is today.

Ian Duncan Smith, the minister in charge of Work and Pensions says the £200 billion benefit claimant’s bill MUST be slashed.

(If you haven’t read Chris Spivey's article 'Fuck off Smiffy', READ IT PLEASE.)

I say why? If that’s what it costs then that’s what it costs. As a servant of the people it is your job to run a competent government in which the £200 billion benefit bill is paid.

Do some research and you will learn that the reason the bill is £200 billion is due to the bankers who have manipulated the monetary system for as long as people can remember.

I remember after the 2008 financial crash the blame for society’s wrongs were rightly levelled at the bankers. It seems that a concerted propaganda campaign for the last 5 years has worked a treat on the population.

Don’t you remember that Barclay's manipulated the LIBOR exchange rate and paid a £390 million fine to stay out of jail? Estimates imply the criminal manipulation of the LIBOR rate cost the UK economy billions if not trillions.

But yet you blame benefit claimants, the most vulnerable in society, just like the Nazis did.

Don’t you remember that HSBC have been fined $1.9 Billion for laundering money from Mexican drug cartels? A $1.9 billion fine that ensures they sleep soundly at night.

Don’t you remember the politician’s expense abuses, don’t you remember that David Cameron claimed for his BBC TV licence and claimed his son’s disability benefit even though he and his wife are multi millionaires.

His TV Licence for God's sake...

(Read Chris Spivey’s ‘Cameron’s Closet’ article, I DARE YOU.)

We hear today in the Guardian newspaper that UKIP would ban benefit claimants from spending their benefits on Sky TV subscription, booze and fags.

GOD HELP ME, I can see David Todd nodding and saying ‘Yeah, too right’.

Don’t you know that Rupert Murdoch spends millions of £££'s on advertising fees to ensure the nation’s brain is bombarded with messages to buy a Sky TV subscription?

Don’t you know that alcohol companies pay the same to make their brand of alcohol cool hip and sexy?

Don’t you know the cigarette companies are at the same game? After all what is sold at the point of sale but a wall of cigarettes.

Corporate bosses spend billions a year to brain wash the population to buy what they want us to buy and when we do, the Tories lambaste the most vulnerable for doing so, and you buy it.

And considering the lower classes, (the class with the most benefit claimants), buy the most cigarettes and booze; they are paying the most from their relative incomes in tax.

In the most recent budget, cigarettes have gone up 26p and spirits 38p, but yet the headlines are that beer is being slashed by 1p.

And you are falling for it just like the German’s did before killing millions of Jews.

It’s a misconception that benefit claimants don’t pay their way, a misconception that they don’t contribute to society. They contribute more than all of us. After all, aren't we all in it together, so why are you falling for it?

David Todd seems to think benefit claimants live a life of luxury??? How can anyone can live a life of luxury on £73.50 a week is beyond me.

Other than watching Sky movies, while smoking a fag with a can beer at hand, what else can they afford to do?

David Todd moans about sitting in front of the TV watching Jeremy Kyle and getting mad about the people on the show. I say to David Todd, STOP WATCHING IT.

If you should know, the nation’s Income Tax is spent on paying back the interest of the fraudulent national debt, wars, Royalty and politician’s mistakes.

How can you blame benefit claimants for that?

Road Tax pays for the roads. National insurance pays for our health; council tax pays for our local services and value added tax pays for everything else.

Everything everyone buys has value added tax included. If no one brought cigarettes and booze the government would lose billions.

If you are going to blame a section of society for not contributing, blame the super rich.

Check out this article I found in the Guardian newspaper. The rich hide their wealth in of-shore bank accounts. Tax evasion is a way of life. The super rich are so fucking rich that between themselves they can pay off the nation debts three times over and not even notice it.

So stop bashing the benefit claimants. You make me sick…

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

PARTNERS IN CRIME- Philip Davies & Simon Kirby exposed

Talk is cheap, especially from politicians. After all, they're widely accepted as liars, cheats and charlatans, out to feather their nests and feed from the public trough.

In fact, I could be an MP, at £65,000 a year, what do I need to do?
A deposit of £500 and ten signatures, win an election and the job is mine.
Easy, but before I do, lets see who won the last election and make a plan of action.
Of course I know who my MP is. Having a healthy interest in politics I know its Simon Kirby.
He looks like a woman who self-mockingly likened himself to forces sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn.
He's a millionaire who sold his chain of 28 pubs for £14 million, which he built up over 10 years with his business partner, the well known TV presenter Martin Webb.
There is a radical streak in him. As a teenager while at Hastings Grammar School he was a member of a group called Hastings Anarchists who attended a protest against the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana.
Simon Kirby second from end on the right
Since then he has developed as a successful business man, instrumental in setting up a local radio station. He now lives in a £2.25 million mansion overlooking Brighton Marina.
Since becoming MP he's aligned himself with many good causes such as LGBT community and, Philip Davies.
Who's Philip Davies? You may ask…. He’s the Member of Parliament for Shipley in Bradford Yorkshire. He’s also Simon Kirby's parliamentary buddy.
Philip Davies MP for Shipley
Together they've introduced the Disabled Persons Parking Badge Bill, which makes a traffic offence as punishable as threatening someone with a knife.
“Anyone found guilty of using a stolen disabled parking badge will receive a minimum custodial sentence of six months,” said Philip Davies in the Houses of Commons on 09 November 2012. (As recorded by Hansards and accessible by all.)
Rather draconian for a traffic offence don't cha think, was my first thought.
Most traffic offences carry at best 3 points on your license and a £65 fine for speeding and at worse 14 years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.
The Parking Person Badge Bill will make the fraudulent use of a Blue Badge as severe as drink driving...
Very draconian I thought, but Philip Davies is rather proud to be called draconian. Here's what he said in response to be called just that:
“My honorable friend makes a very good point. I am quite happy to be found guilty of being draconian, and I seem to spend my life in Parliament asking for more draconian sentences for a range of offences. I do not mind his describing me in that way, because there are far worse things to be described as when it comes to law and order. I would sooner take the tag of being draconian than the tag of being soft on dealing with crime.”
As a prospective member of parliament I personally would shy away from being called draconian. Doesn't draconian mean being somewhat medieval, cruel and severe?
But hey, who am I to question the will of the people of Shipley. They voted him in as their Member of Parliament in May 2005 with a majority of 422 votes.
He must be doing something right because five years later he retained his seat with a 10,000 majority.
Out of interest, he was funded by a private interest group called Bearwood Corporate Services, backed by Lord Ashcroft.
Lord Ashcroft
(Lord Ashcroft, born 4 March 1946, is an international businessman, philanthropist and politician, with a personal fortune in excess of £1Billion, famous for donating to the Tory Party.)
With a margin so little and then so big, plus a dodgy connection with the corporate sector, it’s easy to call the elections rigged.
So what else do we know about Philip Davies?
He mentioned more than once that he worked for the ASDA supermarket. Here is just one of his proud reminders to the House.
“I should make it clear from the start that this subject is very close to my heart. Members may know that before I entered Parliament I spent many a year working for Asda.”
ASDA Trolley Boy
It’s from his experience of working as an ASDA trolley boy, hearing customer complaints of abuse of the disabled parking bays, that he's compelled to pick up the baton and drive the Disabled Parking Person Badge Bill into Law.
Without knowing much about fraudulent users of the Blue badge, I would have thought 3 points on the license and a £60 fine would have been penalty enough.
How many people hold Blue Badges in Brighton? Google soon provides the answer at 13,000
How many are disabled? 13,000, I'd guess.
Is it fair to scare 13,000 disable badge holders with 6 months of imprisonment and a £5000 fine for abusing their Blue Badges privileges? Disabled people are the most vulnerable in society and as an MP, I wouldn't vote for any legislation which would discriminate against them.
Which brings up an amazing fact about this Bill. A fact that makes this a fraudulent Bill being passed into Law without the proper checks which Parliament prides itself on.
Now wait for it and make sure you are sitting down before I tell you. I warn you this is outrageous but true.
It hasn't even had a Second Reading. No, instead it’s had the 'Nod!' instead.
I kid you not.
As Hansard quotes on 9 Nov 2012 : Column 1129 Mr Choper as saying, “The point that I was trying to make is that, although the Bill was discussed briefly in Committee, it was never debated on Second Reading because it went through on the nod.”
“Went through on the nod?”... Don't you mean with a Masonic Handshake?
The Speaker of the House quickly smoothed over this blatant case of Parliamentary fraud.
“Order. The honorable Gentleman cannot take the opportunity now to initiate a Second Reading debate, the absence of which he spent some moments lamenting. He must now focus his remarks on the new clause, accompanying new clauses and amendments. I feel sure that after that brief diversion that is precisely what he is now minded to do.”
It makes you dig deeper into the Bill and see what else is being introduced with a nod of the head.
I have asked Simon Kirby and Norman Baker to explain themselves and Simon Kirby has been kind enough to reply.
Subject: RE: Disabled Persons Parking Badge Bill
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 14:27:00 +0000

Dear Mr Taylor

Thank you for your email.

My Bill had its Second Reading on the 6th July 2012. You can see the progress of the Bill by following this link:

The provisions of the Bill were debated in detail at various stages of its passage through Parliament.

Kind regards,
Simon Kirby MP
Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven.
Parliamentary Private Secretary to Rt Hon Hugh Robertson MP, Minister of State for Sport and Tourism.

Though when you check out the link, you discover something different to what he implies.
Oh right. Many thanks for getting back to me.
I'm right to say it’s been passed through without a second reading debate.
So your acertaination that:

The provisions of the Bill were debated in detail at various stages of its passage through Parliament.

Is incorrect.

Thank you for clarifying it for me.

With kind regards,
Matt Taylor
Prospective Member of Parliament for Kemptown Brighton
To which he clarified.
Dear Matthew

The Bill was debated at various stages (but not all stages- although it could have been if parliament had wanted). There were eleven stages in all if you include royal assent.

Kind Regards
Simon Kirby
Make of that email exchange what you will. But I’m still under the impression that their Bill did go through on the ‘nod’ and has not had a second reading debate on it’s merits and flaws. This demonstrates that laws of the land are being passed through Parliament without the proper due care, attention, debates and checks.
Upon further inspection of the Bill, we quickly find out that the Bill will give sweeping new powers to plain clothes inspectors to have the power to confiscate any Blue Badge, with immediate effect, if it doesn't check out with the Central System.
The old-style cardboard badges have been replaced by new ones made from a hard plastic material which contains a number of overt and covert security features, as used in banknotes and driving licenses.
'Overt and covert security features' now that’s interesting.
Perhaps this is the real reason it’s getting the 'nod'. The government are putting in place a Secret Army of uncover inspectors whose job it'll be to inspect ID cards, which carry overt and covert information about it's holder.
Its all scary stuff and by the sound of it, highly fraudulent and stinking of corruption.
What makes it worse is that Philip Davies and Simon Kirby are at the helm, steering it through into Law without the due checks and measures we (the people) rely on Parliament to make on our behalf.
Upon further digging, only one word comes to mind in reference to Philip Davies, hypocrite. A little further digging and the word, 'psychopath' springs to mind too.
After all, upon hearing someone preach of their desire to punish people, it makes your ears prick up with concern.
“To stiffen the penalties for people who fall foul of the rules, who abuse the blue badge scheme, and knowingly take places away from people who need them, and to treat such offences with the seriousness with which many constituents treat them. People are appalled by those who abuse disabled parking spaces and who use blue badges when they are not entitled to them. I seek to punish them properly.”
As with all psychopaths, remorse and apathy are alien concepts to them.
As Philip Davies says “I take the point made by my honorable Friend the Member for Christchurch. There can be problems if discretion is taken away from the courts, but there are not many nuances at play in this issue. It is not as if there could be lots of mitigating factors. We are talking about somebody who is “knowingly using a fraudulent parking badge” to which they are not entitled. Perhaps I am too strict on these matters, but I do not see that there could be much mitigation. I am sure that my honorable Friend, who was a distinguished barrister, could come up with some marvelous mitigation for one of his clients, but I cannot say that I would be greatly impressed by it. This is therefore the kind of offence where a minimum sentence would be useful.”
Or in layman terms, no sob stories and no mitigating circumstances. Philip Davies doesn't want the court's to be allowed any discretion on the matter. A minimum custodial sentence of 6 months, or nothing.
Hypocrite, psychopath and after watching the first youtube video flagged by Google, paedaphile comes to mind.
In December 2010 he appeared on a BBC Radio Leeds show and amongst many topics was asked whether he wanted to see the return of the death penalty.

RP (RADIO PRESENTER): I want to talk to you about the death penalty. You'd bring it back won't you?
RP: For who?
PD: For Murderers?
RP: What about paedophiles?
PD: Um, (laugh) we can always, we can, we can, we can have a debate about, like who qualifies.
RP: Well I think a paedophile could be worse than a murderer.
PD: Well maybe, lets not split hairs over this.
I'm still shaking my head in disbelief, “We can have a debate on who qualifies as a paedophile?”
The constituents of Shipley should be asking whether Philip Davies qualifies as a paedophile?
But it doesn't stop there, it just gets worse and worse.
He used BBC license fees to travel to Florida, to visit death row at the Florida State Penitentiary.
The BBC Sunday Politics Yorkshire and Lincolnshire followed Philip Davies to the USA where he sat in a chair used to kill prisoners, as part of a fact finding mission looking at the case for capital punishment.
Since when is the Conservative party considering the reintroduction of the death penalty? Since when is the EU considering it? Why was this man allowed to go on a free holiday to Disney Land, on the premise of researching a subject which is against the law in the UK?
Yes, he actually sat in the electric chair as a photo opportunity. As the picture I put together with Photoshop depicts; you could imagine him thinking to himself “Oh nice. I could use one of these in my torture dungeon back home.”
Philip Davies admiring an electric chair
It reminds me of a podcast I once heard from James Corbett of the Corbett Report, who put forward the case that our leaders are pyschopaths.
Listen to the podcasts here.
Taking into account his comments on paedophiles and his psychopathic temperament isn't it fair to surmise that at worse he's a murdering paedophile and at best a paedophile sympathizer.
Here's a definition of psychopath to help you see where I'm coming from.
Psychopath is a personality disorder that has been variously characterized by shallow emotions (including reduced fear, a lack of empathy, and stress tolerance), cold-heartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity, criminality, antisocial behaviour, a lack of remorse, and a parasitic lifestyle.
A parasitic lifestyle!
A good a time to highlight his expense claims as any, which also doubles as a perfect opportunity to further illustrate his hypocrisy.
Firstly we find an indisputable fact that he's claimed more in expenses than any other Bradford MP.
We've all heard of the biblical saying 'Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone,” all except Philip Davies.
When former Labour minister Denis MacShane faced a fresh police investigation after he resigned as an MP yesterday for fiddling his expenses. Philip Davies was the first proclaiming from his soap box, raising serious questions about whether Mr MacShane is guilty of criminal behaviour.
“If someone has committed an offence then they should face the full force of the law and to be protected by parliamentary privilege is most unsatisfactory.”
When the spot light was turned on him we found out he received more than £10,000 in benefits from companies with links to the gambling industry, while a member on the influential parliamentary select committee.
Philip Davies championed the industry's viewpoint during the year-long investigation into the betting industry, and visited casino resorts in Australia and China's Macao to see "high-rollers" in action.
Remember what he said in the Houses of Parliament about mitigating circumstances?
“Perhaps I am too strict on these matters, but I do not see that there could be much mitigation. I am sure that my honorable Friend, who was a distinguished barrister, could come up with some marvelous mitigation for one of his clients, but I cannot say that I would be greatly impressed by it.”
But yet he answers in his defense "to be perfectly honest it never even crossed my mind. I think it is fair to say that everyone knows I used to be a bookmaker. I did not think I had interests to declare."
The voters of Shipley should hang their heads in shame. When are they going to make amends and demand their MP, face the full force of the law.
Watch is great footage of Philip Davies asking for a full itinerary of BBC Chairman's Chris Patten's daily work for the BBC.
Chris Patten laughed the question off "I think it's a thoroughly impertinent question".
Though Philip Davies refused to back down saying “so you don't think license fee payers are entitled to know how much specific time you are spending working on their behalf?”
And hammered his point home "Given you have been presiding over a shambles at the BBC I think it's perfectly reasonable to say have you been actually putting in the hours, putting in the yard as you should have been as chairman of the BBC Trust."
Nearly 6 minutes of Philip Davies drowning on about trivia later, Chris Patten brings a close to the conversation “You know what..... Um, I'm not sure this socratic dialogue with you is getting us very far.”
This isn't the first time he's embarrassed himself in front of a Select Committee. Watch this footage of him sitting in judgement over Channel Four's equal opportunity credentials.
He babbled on for nearly 9 minutes asking the same question to all three of the Channel Four executives.
Just watch the equally tiresome Tom Watson MP, sitting opposite showing dirty pictures to his chum sitting to his right from his mobile.
Just look at the body language of everyone in the room. They look at Philip Davies as if he's an imbecile.
He sums up by asking why the Channel Four executive shouldn't give up his job to someone from an ethic minority.
The constituents of Shipley should be asking him the same question.
Why doesn’t he give up his job to someone from an ethic minority? In fact I challenge him to put his money where his mouth is and swap roles with me.
I'll go up to Yorkshire to do his job and receive his benefits and he can come down to Brighton and be with his bum chum buddy Simon Kirby and receive the benefits I get.
He asked for a daily iternary from Chris Patten, shouldn't his Shipley constituents be asking him how he spends his time?
By checking out the ‘They work for website’, Philip Davies spends his days filling out surveys at £75 a pop, 30 minutes work. A little extra extra extra extra cash on the side.
That is on top of his wage of £65,000 a year he gets for as an MP. And the 171,000 he claimed in 2009 on expenses.
£100,000 of that was tax payer’s money which he claimed to cover the staff costs of others doing his job, while he sat in London doing surveys for a little extra extra extra extra cash on the side.
His office costs came to £14,000 as did his communication bill. What communication device costs £14,000 a year I don't know? My communication costs amount to monthly charges on the mobile phone, land line, broadband and it doesn't come to anywhere near £14,000.
I've run an office with my business partner, employing more than 10 staff and our office running costs never came anywhere near £14,000.
So not only did he fraudulently deprive the tax payers of £65,000 in a MP's wage because he spends all day filling out surveys for cash, he fraudulenly rips of a further £100,000 on staff costs and then another £28,000 on office and communication costs but he claims a further £23,000 to stay in London and do it.
In 2008/2009 Philip Davies claimed £236,024. Over 3.6 times his yearly wage.
He's on record as saying parliament is a “Lax regime”. He should know, he's milked it enough.

This man has no remorse which demonstrates his psychopathic qualities.
Remember this indisputable fact- Philip Davies claims more expenses than any other Bradford MP.
Stop me banging on about Philip Davis. I haven't even started on his views about the disabled, which his Blue Badge legislation is meant to serve.
He caused outrage and anger by suggesting that disabled people should work for less than the minimum wage to increase their chances of being taken on by employers.
He had the audacity to stand up in the Commons and say: "If an employer is looking at two candidates, one who has got disabilities and one who hasn't, and they have got to pay them both the same rate, I invite you to guess which one the employer is more likely to take on.
Given that some of those people with a learning disability clearly, by definition, cannot be as productive in their work as somebody who has not got a disability of that nature, then it was inevitable that, given the employer was going to have to pay them both the same, they were going to take on the person who was going to be more productive, less of a risk.”
When asked in an interview what his achievements have been since becoming an MP in May 2005, he answered “Not enough”.

But he does single out two things which he likes to think of as accomplishments.
He's represented his constituents giving them a very high level of service. Being fast and assessable and getting involved with local issues.
He is most proud to have raised things in parliament that other people wouldn't have done, such as launching the 'Better of out' in Europe campaign. In which no MP would stand up and say we should leave the EU. And I quote “Some of the things on climate change which would never have been mentioned without me.”
And to think Simon Kirby has chosen this man as his partner in crime.
Of-course there is more to this than meets eye.
Philip Davies and Simon Kirby have influential backers. Philip Davies has Lord Ashcroft and Simon Kirby has Norman Baker (also mentioned on the David Joe Neilson Crime files.)
How else could the Bill be given the 'Nod' and passed through without a second reading?
Philip Davies and Simon Kirby are basking in the lime light of cross party support over their Disabled Persons Parking Badge Bill.
Simon Kirby is inundated with sycophantic praise. Listen to what Philip Davies says about him in the Commons “My Right Honorable member for Kemptown Brighton, is steering the Bill through with great skill, like an old hand. Indeed, if he can introduce a private Member’s Bill that finds favour with my honorable Friend the Member for Christchurch, he is doing particularly well—certainly a lot better than what many others can hope to achieve—and I congratulate him on that.”
Yes, an old hand. The Old Hand shake of the Masons have ensured this nasty piece of legislation is fraudulently passed through Parliament.
But wait until you read what else I've dug up.
I know Simon Kirby well enough. He's my MP and his name regularly makes an appearance in the David Joe Neilson Crime Files.
(The NeilsonCrime Files is a database of local government and Sussex police corruption over the last 20 years.)
The Neilson Crime Files
It just so happens that David Joe Neilson is a Blue Badge holder. Perhaps its a covert plan by Simon Kirby to get him arrested and thrown in jail for 6 months.
I know enough about Simon Kirby and now I know enough about Philip Davies.
Let's leave the last word to Norman Baker, MP of Lewes and the Transport Minister, who reveals the truth of the matter as he sums up.
Norman Baker MP
“There is a consultation process under way on the personal independence payment, but the Government’s preferred option is one of minimum change. It is not in any way our intention to reduce the number of people who qualify for a badge. The consultation has been necessitated by the changes to the nature of benefits being brought in by the Department for Work and Pensions, but so far as the Department for Transport is concerned, we want the result of any consequential changes to stay as close as possible to the current arrangements. That is our preferred option, but obviously we will look at the responses to the consultation.”
The government doesn't want any change. They are happy for the number of Blue Badge holders to remain the same, but are obliged to tinker with the Statute books to accommodate the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) replacing the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in April 2013.
This is about a psychopathic Philip Davies wanting to 'punish people' for his own sadistic ends. This is about Simon Kirby 'scoring points and basking in the glory of playing the system so skillfully'. This is about Norman Baker and the Conservative cabinet, 'fraudulently slipping in legislation which puts plain clothes inspectors on the streets, with the power of confiscation, in anticipation of a full scale enforcement of an biometric ID scheme.'

Make no mistakes. Dangerous men like Philip Davies and Simon Kirby don't get where they are without considerable help along the way. Philip Davies is being groomed for greatness, mark my words. An ASDA trolley boy doesn't win an election in 2005 by 422 votes and then by a majority of 10,000 four years later, without lots of money and lots of fraud. Watch out for him.
Whenever the Conservatives want to dish out their party line but are too scared to say it, they'll send out Philip Davies. One in a million. Man of the hour... The UK's version of George W Bush...
Let’s not forget Simon Kirby. He's knows what he's doing.
He's getting praised for being an old hand and a smooth operator when it comes to getting a Bill on the Statute books.
Perhaps the 'Old Hand Shake of the Mason' makes everything more slippery and durable....
Either way, Philip Davies and Simon Kirby should be given a taste of their own medicine.
They need to be locked away for 6 months for defrauding the public. For taking up the space of two MP's which could be better used by more competent people.
This is a party political expose brought to you by the SOS Party, Getting ready for 2015