Thursday, 24 June 2010

28 Days Later

So much for Nick Clegg’s claim that liberties lost under the Labour government would be given back.

Having asked us to put our faith in politics again, I did so with an open heart and hoped politician’s will at last live up to their potential.

I was particularly keen to hear about the ‘28 days detention without charge’ issue.

In my humble opinion this is the greatest assault on our civil liberties in a hundred years.

How dare the state lock anyone up for 28 days without any charge or any explanation for doing so?

Stop using the terrorism excuse. If a terrorist is a terrorist then the evidence should be clear to see. If there is no evidence to imply one is a terrorist then it’s odd’s on favorite one isn’t.

This was the litmus test for me. The coalition government’s decision to keep the status quo for the next six months is a bitter disappointment.

It looks like its politics as normal to me.

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