Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Why the British Judicial System should be dumped!

I stand by my comments. Yes, I think it’ll be in the national interest for the judicial system to be abandoned.
Isn’t it after all the means in which the ruling elite controls the masses?
The Lords of the land make the Laws of the land. The common people have no say.
In the 21st century this should change. All laws as we know them to be now should be ripped up and throw away.
A new set all laws democratically agreed by the people of Britain can then replace the old.
I’m not for one moment advocating doing away with laws. No way. I’m advocating doing away with the laws forced upon us by people who haven’t got the people’s interest at heart.
The secrecy surrounding family courts. For one that’s a travesty!
Sentencing is a joke. Go down for two, serve one. It makes no sense.
Should even the crime of murder be reviewed? Why is it illegal to murder another individual but yet in the name of war it’s not?
Isn’t even jury by twelve peers a flawed out-dated method of determining innocence or guilt?
Wouldn’t a computer be better?
Isn’t even the assumption of innocence over guilt a flawed starting point too? Perhaps the system would work better if we are all assumed guilty of the crimes brought against us and it’s then up to the accused to prove their innocence.
I have so many questions about the reliability and justibility of our judicial system. So no, I will not retract my statement.
The British Judicial System should go…. Or at the very least, be subjected to a massive rethink…
I'm Matthew Taylor and I vote SOS.

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