Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sorry is the easiest word

I said sorry to Karina tonight and it was the best sorry I’ve made.

Last night I had a go at her for making me go up-stairs to close our bedroom window.

When I say had a go. I mean I lambasted her.

OK, she never actually made me. I insisted in doing it. She was more than willing to do it herself but I was adamant. She is after all nine months pregnant and is about to drop any hour.

She wanted to close the window because some inconsiderate neighbour of a barstad had a bonfire alight and she was worried the toxic smoke of the bonfire would affect the good health of our daughter fast asleep in her bed.

It was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Our bedroom window was open, behind curtains with-in a room with the door closed. How on earth would the toxic smoke of the bonfire get to our daughter who slept in the bedroom next door?

Anyway, I lambasted Karina about it and she went ballistic. She would not let me get away with it. Complaining that she was nine months pregnant and that I should know better. And yes, in hindsight I wish I had kept my mouth shut.

It's because she's been to the acupuncturist who told her that sex is a good way to bring on delivery that she is willing to forgive me. (I heard an interesting fact lately guys. Yes, sperm does help the hormones to do their stuff and bring on a delivery, but it doesn't have to be delivered through the vagina. Via the stomach is just as effective...)

So, she's been to the acupuncturist and the baby should be here any day now. Of-course she needs my sperm to bring it on, just as she needed it to start the whole process and all we needed was a little something.

A foot massage. No, an apology.

Sorry really is the easiest word to say especially when it rubs clean everything that was said yesterday.

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