Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm fat

I’m 19 stone 1 pound. Fuck me that’s heavy.

My goal is to lose the weight of a baby (in the region of 9lbs 10ozs), because when you look at me it looks like I’m carrying a baby.

I’m so fat that my waistline was larger than my girl friend’s when she was 9 months pregnant.

I wish I was the first pregnant man in history, but no the truth is I’m just fat.

I went for an hour run tonight and enjoyed it immensely. It was brilliant and I loved every minute.

Thus my plan is to go running three times a week. Buy a Pilates DVD, eat less and only eat fruit as snacks. No more crisps, biscuits and other high calorie foods.

Oh yeah, and for the first time in my life I’m weighing myself.

It’s time to get anal about weight.

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