Sunday, 24 June 2012

They're all in it together....

Interesting that Ed Miliband should be calling for a debate on immigration.

I curve ball out from no-where. I mean, its not as if anyone else was talking about it.

I'm more interested in David Cameron's attack of Jimmy Carr. 

I'm waiting for our Great British press to dig up dirt on the Conservative front bench and their tax evasion schemes.

Come to think of it, any good journalist could just as well dig up dirt on the opposition's front bench tax evasion schemes as much as the Conservatives.So, all in all, Ed Miliband has done David Cameron a favour.

Bring up the aged old subject of immigration. He knows it's the nation's favourite subject to bitch about and in the process deflect press attention away from the tax evasion issue. Helping the Conservatives and ultimately helping the Labour front bench who's hands are just as dirty.

After all, they're all in it together...