Wednesday, 27 January 2016


When will I get my picture in the papers?

Tears for Fears once sang that ’Everyone wants to Rule the World,’ and while that may be true in my case, you have to believe me when I say I don't want to be famous for the sake of being famous.

I just imagine I’ll be famous for achieving the goals I’ve set out to achieve, namely to expose the evil over-lords who are raping and murdering not only our planet but our children too.

Once our goal is achieved, there will be a gaping hole left in the centre of Power. This vacuum will have to be filled with something and I plan to be leading the dash to take the place of the arrested dignitaries such as the Prime Minister David Cameron and Her Majesty the Queen.

Did you notice that I used the word “our.” I did because it isn’t just me. I like to count myself alongside many other active campaigners who are striving to achieve the same goal.

I personally just want to lead a simple life in which I earn a healthy living from writing. I’ve already written my debut novel, a sci-fi thriller called The Golden Cube. I’ve got enough material from writing for Guerrilla Democracy News over the last three years to fill five books, I’ve written enough about police corruption to fill a few books too (and I'm looking forward to writing a horror thriller based on the real life stories of satanic child ritual, murder and corruption which I’ve learnt about since taking this journey down the fabled rabbit hole.)

We all have to earn a living, pay the bills, feed the kids and keep the wolves from the door. I’ll be honest with you. I’m at a crisis point in which I’m earning next to nothing, even though I’m working over 50 hours a week. I’ve been turned down for a £18K a year recruitment job, I’ve got a fighting chance for a £35K a year bid writing job and pulling all the stops for a £85K a year Police and Crime Commissioner job.

It's all relative!

If only the world famous Madonna would finance the King Arthur II movie (to rival her ex-husband’s King Arthur movies set for release in 2017) I’d be a multi-millionaire living in LA.

Mind you my ideal scenario would be to get a phone-call from a reputable talent agency from London telling me they've seen my work and love it. After taking me out for lunch and getting me drunk, I sign up with them and go onto become a renowned actor, playwright and movie producer.

I’ll be the first to admit I'm a shameless self publicist. No one else is going to publicise me so I may as well do it myself!

I often hang onto more successful writer’s coat-tails with the goal of feeding of their notoriety.

I aim to shock and my middle name is ’Controversial'. Ian R Crane was right when he described me as a ’Loose-cannon’ and a ’Maverick’. I went to AV5 with the goal of getting my name out there, and it worked. I left knowing everyone knew my name!

We are all our own brand... I love what I’ve done thus far and I like to think I have a small band of fans who like what I’ve done too. Using the awesome ’Feedjit’ application, I get to see which one of my articles is being read and where they are reading it from.

I know I’ve got a loyal reader who lives in Mountain View California, who reads my stuff as soon as its published. I’m quietly flattered that someone from the City of London regularly reads me. (It's good to know the enemy is keeping tabs) and I’m some-what unnerved that a reader in Colchester keeps such close tabs on me, that it seems he or she checks out every webpage I visit! Though most of all, I warmly welcome all my readers from from around the world, notably South Korea!

I’ve even won an award for my film making! (The Bases International Film Award for the Short Amateur category.) It seems as though I’m the only person who’s discovered the joy of iMovie trailer making. It's awesome because it's so easy to make a iMovie trailer for nearly every subject under the Sun.

If you haven't already, why don't you subscribe to my YouTube channel

I suppose you can think of me a bit like Marmite. You’ll either love me or hate me. I know Sam (renowned scientist) Murray hates me and (while I can’t name anyone) I’m sure there are some people who love me!

No-one likes a Beggar.

With 731 subscribers and a 385 videos uploaded I’m used to a few thumbs down and a few up, but even I’m surprised to the number of thumbs down I’ve got having asked for money.

Since writing about the Alternative View for a few years now I’m come to realise that no-one likes a beggar. Chris Spivey has been criticised hard for asking for donations, as has Ben Fellows who had such a backlash for asking for cash to finance his trip to see the Dali Lama that he’s abandoned social media forever.

I suppose it's the fact that people ask for money under false pretences which really rile people up. Sod it I think. My sister is homeless and a beggar on the street and I’m no different. I’m a beggar in cyber-space and I can’t thank the people enough who’ve throw me the odd £20 and £50 squid here and there.....

I’m looking forward to gaining the recognition and reward for all the hard work I’ve put in. It's frustrating being in a loveless relationship in which my partner pours scorn and criticism on everything I do. I suppose you can think of her as one of the ’Eye’s wide shut’ gang.

If only I could be invited on an Alternative View radio show! The Richie Allen Show, Lou Collin's Show, UK Column, The Kev Baker Show, Red Ice Radio, Windows on the World; there are so many. Perhaps I should just create my own!

I believe I’m doing the right thing and I believe what I’m doing is helping to make a better world for our kids... I’m convinced satanic over-lords are ruling the world and I’m convinced the Hampstead kids are telling the truth and that Gerry and Kate McCann know the truth too.

I didn’t get the recruitment job because my passion for writing was so evident in conversation that my would-be employer thought I’d be better placed concentrating on my writing rather than joining their recruitment firm.

Perhaps they're right. I’m just looking forward to getting my picture in the paper and being paid for what I write!

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