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My Expert Opinion of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates


Having met KATY BOURNE, GODFREY DANIEL and IAN CHISNALL during four Hustings events organised by the Sussex Association of Local Councils, I feel qualified to deliver my expert opinion on each of them, exploring their suitability for the top job.

So, lets start with the delightful, KATY BOURNE.

God forbid she gets the job. As I said publicly in the Hustings at Battle in Sussex.

I would be so disappointed if Mrs Bourne wins Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Its got nothing to do with her personally. She's a wonderful woman, successful in business and a loving mother.

What upsets me is that without the Conservative political machine behind her, Mrs Bourne is actually less qualified to do the job than I am.

We are both passionate about politics. We are both successful in business. She may be older, but we can both recount stories of sitting on our parent's knee, getting political lessons which have moulded our political thinking until today.

But... Whatever she can DO, I can EQUAL and do BETTER.

This election should be about competence not political party backing.

It should be about the three i's, Integrity, Intelligence and Independence.

I hate to think that the Sussex voters are brain-washed sheep. But it seems as though they will blindly vote for a Conservative candidate regardless of the candidate's competence to do the job.

It's as if they've forgotten why they vote Tory in the first place, they just do....

So if Mrs Bourne is voted PCC, it'll be a disgusting perversion of democracy in Sussex.”

We know from an article Katy wrote for the Independent Newspaper on 3 December 2009, that she wanted to be the MP for Suffolk. Alas, she wasn't selected and as a result vowed to carry on and try, try, try again.

I get the impression its all about POWER for Mrs Bourne. She doesn't care what the role is, whether its as a Member of Parliament or as Police and Crime Commissioner. The idea of being a woman in power is all the motivation she needs to carry on.

I'd feel sorry for any Chief Constable who's unfortunate enough to be landed with her. In her own words she says she'll be in his office asking 'Why?' Why hasn't crime fallen? Why hasn't this or that been done? Why Chief Constable, why?

I for one hate that approach. I'd rather ask, how I can help?

I'm not the only one who feels the same way. An ex-barrister called Duncan Roy (Scrapper Duncan) interviewed her for his blog and he feels the same way as I do. Namely to spoil your ballot paper, rather than vote for her.

But before you do so, lets move onto GODFREY DANIEL.

Again please read Scrapper Duncan's interview for a more in-depth analysis. But from my own experience, I just see an old man trying to recapture past glories.

He's on the Sussex Police Authority, the very same organisation which the Police and Crime Commissioner office is being brought in to replace. He's been a Hasting councillor and a magistrate.

To illustrate his unsuitability, I want to bring to your attention a news story from the Bognor Regis Observer.

As it reports; Godfrey visited Bognor to discuss the problem of street drinking. And here is a response posted in the comment's section, by a commentator called 'Kingzog.'

As a Labour councillor in Hastings over the past 20 years or so, Mr Daniel has made such a good job of controlling street drinking that we now have a large contingent of junkies and alcoholics in the centre of St. Leonard's openly drinking and drug dealing. Very rarely do we see any patrolling police and rarely do we see clean pavements.”

Really”, I thought, and as I said to his face during a Hustings at Arundel, “How do you expect to deal with Sussex Police and when can't even deal with street drinkers in Hasting?”

Mr Daniel boasts of his talent for town planning. He says he likes 'Rules' and believes he's got the character to be a fair and competent Commissioner. But I don't think so....

God help any of the poor souls who found themselves before him in his capacity as Magistrate. He's one of those guys who will enforce a rule whether he believes in the rule or not.

Like Katy Bourne claiming a right to be Police and Crime Commissioner because of her business skills, Godfrey Daniel is claiming a right to be Police and Crime Commissioner because he's a good town planner. Both are kidding themselves if they think they'll make good Police and Crime Commissioners.

Which brings us nicely onto IAN CHISNALL.

As a Street Pastor, he does a fantastic job caring for the less fortunate in society. He feeds the hungry and warms the cold. He clothes the naked and heals the sick. He wears sandals and prays. In another time and in another place, a crown of thorns would have been placed on his head...

I'm sure his voice will always be heard in Sussex Police and his contribution to the under-belly of Brighton's street-life is massive and commendable.

Its a shame he denies any corruption in Sussex Police and it's a shame he has connections with Common Purpose.

I'd otherwise consider voting for him.

As a conspiracy theorist and proud of it, anyone with a connection with Common Purpose rings alarm bells.

Common Purpose is a 'not-for-profit charitable organisation' which claims to train the leaders of tomorrow. While others claim its a fraudulent ‘educational charity’ acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to implement the British government’s hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.

This is what Common Purpose see themselves as and this is what others see Common Purpose as.

Regardless of his Common Purpose connections, you really need to read his interview with Scrapper Duncan.

In my expert opinion, Ian Chisnall should keep to tending to his flock and leave the running of Sussex Police to someone with more Integrity, Intelligence and Independence.

So, in light of having sat on the same platform as all the prospective Sussex Police and Crime Commissioners, I've come to the same conclusion as Scrapper Duncan.

There is only one thing to do: SPOIL YOUR BALLOT PAPERS.

And I'd like to go further and recommend you write S.O.S across it.

After all, all spoilt ballot papers are counted. And any with S.O.S written on it will naturally indicate a vote for the SOS Party.

But wait..........BREAKING NEWS.

On Friday 12 October, there is a public meeting where Nigel Farage will be speaking and Tony Armstrong will be introduced as the official UKIP candidate.

Congratulations Tony Armstrong, (who I've met on one occasion.) I look forward to researching him further and giving you, my expert opinion.

But until then Folks? Sussex Needs You....

Out of 1.5 million residents, it seems only a few have stepped to the plate to be counted.

Ooops, I nearly forgot...

Matt Taylor
David Joe Neilson

The anti-corruption candidates.
Click on their pictures to be taken to their campaign websites.

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