Monday, 26 March 2012

Letter to the Queen: A Royal Pardon

I am interested in running in the November 2012 election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.
As once a Royal Military Policeman of Your magnificent Forces, I believe I am well minded to be an excellent Police and Crime Commissioner and make a real difference in the community I live.
Sadly my duty to You was regrettably brought to a swift and undignified end, when in September of 2001, I was dismissed from Your Forces with immediate effect and demoted in rank, for the possession of an illegal drug with the intent to supply.
This distorts the fact that I sent five cannabis joints to my dying mother to alleviate her pain while she lay on her death bed.
I hope you agree that what I did in no way makes me a drug dealer as the offence implies.
I am bringing this to your attention because a requirement to become a Police and Crime Commission, one cannot stand for election if one has ever been convicted of an imprisonable offense.
Even though I broke the terms and conditions of the 1955 Army Act, I am concerned that it would be confused as a civilian offence and result in disqualification from standing.
With this in mind I humbly beseech You my Queen and Majesty, to Pardon my offense to ensure I am eligible to stand in the November 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner election for Sussex.
Please Your Majesty, you are my last best hope for Victory.
Ma'am, I have the honour to be and remain Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant,
Private Taylor MD

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