Friday, 23 June 2017


I know some of you have missed me and some haven’t even noticed me gone, but I’ve certainly missed you.

A “Particular Individual” who I would rather not name accused me of harassment and stalking.

Can you believe it? Me; harassing and stalking anyone! I’m the embodiment of good citizenship and the last thing I’d ever do is intentionally cause another person undue alarm or distress.

As I pointed out repeatedly to Surrey Police Detective Constable Andy Grimwood, everything I’ve ever written and published about the “Particular Individual” has been to prevent and detect crime.

I was arrest during a dawn raid on the 20th February 2017. All my computer equipment, camera, diaries, data-chips, CD’s and notebooks were seized and haven’t been returned since.

All charges were dropped by June 2017, when the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided that there wasn’t the evidential evidence to meet their Threshold Test and that no further action will be taken.

During this time I lost my job; unsupervised contact with my children and my creative freedom to write and publish. But don’t worry folks; I’m slowly regaining my mojo and will soon be back to business firing from both barrels, (just as soon as I get a computer and a broad-band service switched on.)

Dipping my toes in the water, I’ve turned my attention to the one person hitting all the headlines- Theresa May; (of which I must stress that it is not my intention to cause her alarm and distress.)

It is and has always been to prevent and detect crime.

Having grown up with Judge Dredd as my father figure and having served our country as a Royal Military Policeman, I consider it my duty to prevent and detect crime when and wherever I see it.

Alas I’m still not out of the woods yet. While the harassment and stalking charge has been dropped, I remain on bail and under investigation for possession of an indecent and a prohibited image.

I cannot express enough what a nightmare it is being accused of being nothing short of a paedophile. As a man and a father there is no worse a crime to be accused of.

No doubt it proves Karma is real. After-all I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve accused of being a paedophile.


 Plus I’ve accused many people of equally bad things too.


What goes around comes around!

I suspect that “Particular Individual” was equally disappointed as DC Grimwood was that the CPS didn’t charge me with harassment and stalking.

Satirical representation of DC Grimwood’

Take for example what the “Particular Individual” said to a reporter from Brighton’s number one newspaper, The Argus.

“For almost five years I have been subjected to a relentless campaign of harassment and stalking and malicious allegations from a particular individual. Unfortunately I am unable to say anything further until police investigations are concluded.”

I further suspect that charging me with possession of an indecent and a prohibited image would be the perfect concession and revenge for my involvement in getting that “particular Individual” referred to the CPS for making a false statement during an election.

Having written about police corruption and exposed DC Grimwood to be a liar and cheat (evident by his conduct during the investigation) it wouldn’t surprise me that the two alleged indecent and prohibited images, (which I’m accused to have in my possession), wasn’t in fact planted by DC Grimwood himself.

Let me tell you about DC Grimwood.

  • He lied when he agreed to meet me on the 20th February 2017 at 6pm, when in fact he conducted a dawn raid.
  • When asked how he knew my address, he told me he used legitimate police procedures, only to discover he threatened my ex partner with arrest if she did not reveal my address.
  • And of-course, he’s corrupt because he enforced a bail condition, which differed to the wording of the bail condition written on the bail sheet. The bail condition stated: I was not to have any unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 18 without the parent or guardian of the child being aware of this investigation; while DC Grimwood verbally told my ex partner and Social Services I wasn’t allowed any unsupervised contact with my children, with or without the parent being aware of the investigation.
So I stand by my belief that DC Grimwood is a cheat, a liar and a corrupt police officer, and that it wouldn’t surprise me that he planted those indecent and prohibited photos of which I’m accused of having in my possession.
I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed asking the awkward questions which would never be asked by the mainstream media.

I’m not a criminal. I’ve never harassed anyone and I’ve never stalked anyone and I certainly have never knowingly possessed or made any indecent or prohibited images. I have not seen the photographs in question and did not know or have cause to suspect I was in possession of any indecent or prohibited images or photographs.

I’ve got rebuild my life and get a job to pay the bills.

Before I was so rudely interrupted I was championing two orphanages, one in Pakistan and the other in Africa.

Let’s get back to business and change the world for the better; not only for ourselves but more importantly; for our kids…

It is great to be back.


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