Thursday, 18 February 2016



  • Mr. Geoff Raw: Acting Chief Executive Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Mr. Keith Glazier: Leader of East Sussex County Council
  • Cllr Dave E: Deputy Leader East Sussex County Council

Dear Gentlemen,


Please Sir, I implore you, call off your dogs...

I’m an law abiding citizen, born and bred in Brighton and Hove. Orphaned in 2001, I'm now a father of two young children, living in a council house in Moulsecoomb and eking out a living as a freelance copywriter.

Entitled to take on work to supplement my freelance work, between September to October 2015, I took on agency employment working for the Royal Mail in Brighton.

Due to tax paid during this period the housing benefit which was paid on my council house was stopped.

The broken promises made by Royal Mail of guaranteed work up to Christmas/New Year and an offer of a job in 2016, turned to nothing and after 6 weeks I found myself with no job looking for work.

It was during this six week period that the housing benefit was stopped and rent of £86.00 was charged on a weekly basis.

This was during this period that I got walloped with a massive fine for £719 from the Brighton and Hove Parking Department.

Since the new parking permit rules were introduced in 2013, I found myself in difficulty in completing the necessary paper work.

I had completed the necessary form and having taken it to the appropriate office to get a permit, was told I needed a V50. For the life of me I didn't know what a V50 was. (It turned out I needed a V2; perhaps its due to my dyslexia that I hadn't a clue what either a V50 or V2 was. The DVLA confirmed the vehicle was registered in my name; what more was required?)

It was also during this period that my mother-in-law was dying from Cancer and the relationship with my partner was breaking down.

I was under considerable stress and strain and repeatedly wrote letters and made telephone calls to the Parking Department asking for help and assistance in completing the necessary forms to obtain a parking permit.

While this was going on I was repeatedly being issued with parking fines between £30-£70, even though my vehicle was legally parked outside my house, MOT’d, insured and taxed.

Again I repeat, on numerous occasions I appealed the parking fines on the grounds that I didn't understand what was required to obtain the parking permit and appealed for assistance to help me.

On numerous occasions the parking fines were dismissed but still the parking fines continued to be issued causing me considerable stress and strain, compounded with the death of my mother-in-law and the relationship breakdown between me and my partner.

I refer to this because the rent could have been paid during this period if Brighton and Hove Parking Department haven't towed away my car forcing me to pay £719 to get it back.

Again I reiterate; the vehicle was legally parked outside my house, fully insured, MOT’d and taxed but still I was continually fined for not displaying a parking permit, which I didn't understand how to get and which I had asked the parking department on numerous occasions to help and assist me.

I intend to make further complaints on this matter with the goal of having a full refund of £719 in due course.

Back to the Housing dispute.

Having stopped working for Royal Mail in November I returned to copywriting in which I wasn't earning a living wage and took on any freelance work I could get my hands on.

It was during this time that I was notified by the housing department that the housing benefit had been stopped and that I'd have to make a new claim to continue having the housing benefit paid.

I duly made a new housing benefit claim, providing the comprehensive information which was required on the claim form.

Weeks later I was issued a Notice of Repossession due to the fact that the Housing claim hadn't fully been processed.

Since then it was been one thing after another.

First you required all my wage slips from Manpower (The agency I worked for via Royal Mail).

  • I provided a summary of the wage slips which was accepted.

Second the summary of wage slips was deemed to be insufficient and every individual wage slip was required.

  • I provided each and every wage slips and requested and this was accepted.

Thirdly a P45 was required from Manpower. While Manpower said they had sent me my P45 I hadn't received it and was informed a replacement could not be issued. This was explained to the Housing Benefit via Christopher Percival and an email stating my end date was said to be acceptable.

  • I provided an email from Manpower stating the start and end date.

Fourthly an email from Manpower stating my start and termination date was required and I had to explain that this information had already been sent and had been accepted.

Now baring in mind I was assured that the Housing Benefit would be completed once a summary of my Manpower wage slips was provided, I was becoming exasperated that further additional information was required.

It was during this period that I had to file my Tax return. The Working Tax credits had contacted me demanding I justify my work rate in claiming for Working Tax credit. Consequently both myself and partner had to complete considerable paper work detailing what we did to earn money for the last 12 weeks.

No wonder I had no time to concentrate on finding self employed work when all my time was being spent on completing bureaucracy for the Government.

So when Christopher Percival demanded both my partner and I had to complete a self employment form, I found myself at the end of my tether and feeling somewhat victimised against.

But still, I put on a brave face, and considering there is a possession order hanging over us which could result in our council house being taken away and my children made homeless, I completed the Self Employment form as required.

Now, Christopher Percival wants even more information. Having made a web search on my company name and picking up now defunct websites advertising for chauffeur and cleaning services which I advertised years ago, I am being made to explain myself further, to provide all my bank statements since 2013 and explain why I earn such a pitiful amount as a copywriter.

I'm at the end of my tether and feel suicidal.

I have nothing to hide by making my application but feel I am being made a scape-goat to justify Christopher Percival employment.

Where's my right of privacy?

Christopher Percival is saying jump; and I'm replying “Yes Sir, how high?”

Then he says jump higher, “Yes Sir, how high?”

Now jump higher; “Yes Sir, is this high enough?”

Higher, higher, higher...

I'm feeling victimised against, harassed and played like a fool.

Because the Council house is registered in my name, I'm unable to sign the property over to my partner and I'm unable to move out and claim assistance from the Council in finding alternative accommodation because it would mean declaring myself intentionally homeless.

If truth be known I am existing in a verbally abusive relationship, in which my ex-partner hates my presence in the housing and wants me out ASAP.

I’m positive I can earn a suitable income as a freelance writer if I was able to write. I find myself in an impossible position of wanting to move out but unable to. I need to find suitable employment and I’m happy to stop my self employed status forthwith.

It doesn't help me in anyway to suffer the constant harassment of Christopher Percival continually demanding more and more paper work to justify his own existence. We all know jobs will be lost in Brighton and Hove City Council and it seems to me that Christopher Percival is using me as an excuse to justify his own job and contribution to Brighton and Hove City Council.

Having to explain myself further and obtain my bank statements since 2013 will incur extra costs for me and waste time when I should be looking for work to feed my kids.

This is infuriating and I'm at the end of my tether.

  • My sister is homeless sleeping on the streets.

  • I've been defrauded out of £719 by Brighton and Hove Parking Department, for legally parking my car outside my house, fully insured, MOT’d and taxed.
  • I am being harassed by Christopher Percival from the Housing Benefit department to provide paperwork for no other reason to justify his own job.
  • I'm in an abusive relationship which is having a detrimental effect on my children, myself and Karina.
  • I have a Notice of Possession order hanging over the house. 
  • And now you want me to explain why defunct websites are still on the Internet, 3 years worth of back bank statements and to explain why I’m earning such a pitiful income...

Thanks for nothing Brighton and Hove City Council, you sure know how to make a man feel suicidal.

Please can you do me a favour and call of the Dogs....

Geoff Raw
Acting Chief Executive Brighton & Hove City Council
Keith Glazier
I am the Leader of East Sussex County Council 
Cllr Dave E
Deputy Leader East Sussex County Council , 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

My sister is Homeless....

The buzzer buzzed
At a reasonable hour
So I got myself together
And jumped in the shower
That's a lie, it was actually a puddle you see
I'm homeless, I'm soapless
I'm trying to stay clean
I'm still Emma
Shining brighter than anything you've ever seen
So come say hi
Don't judge on wot you see
For I am seeing you as much
As you are misjudging me.

Emma Taylor - 5 Feb 2016

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Whatever you prefer to call it, but anyone who disbelieves the official version of world events as portrayed on television by BBC, Sky and ITV News is either labelled cuckoo, a nut-job, a Truther or more common than not, a Conspiracy Theorist.

I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

Since sticking my head down the fabled rabbit’s hole and deciding to go as deep as I dare, my life has turned into a nightmare. Everything has changed and there’s no going back.

I remember with fondness when I had no more cares in the world other than Liverpool Football club beating Manchester United Football club. No more fears other than loosing an hour’s drinking time down the pub with my friends, having to wait until the kids went to bed before going out. No more worries other than losing a £10 100-1 punt on the Grand National.

Now I have no friends. My relationship with the mother of my children has broken down and my extended family keep a healthy distance too scared to talk about current affairs in my company.

I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

Since travelling on this journey I’ve changed into a bitter and unhappy man. Being a conspiracy theorist has robbed so much of who I am, which before the journey I took for granted.

Now when a Rock’n’Roll hero is tragically taken from us by Cancer, I cannot grieve as I once would have because as a conspiracy theorist I harbour doubts that NASA has flown him to Mars.

I can't grieve the death of a celebrated TV and radio chat show host because as a conspiracy theorist I’m shaking with rage that he may have been killed because he was about to expose a huge paedophile ring at the BBC.

My cousin who’s a nurse recently received a medal having gone to Africa to aid in the Ebola virus out-break. As a conspiracy theorist I’m unable to either send her a congratulation message or even a Facebook Like because as a conspiracy theorist I believe the whole Ebola virus was a lie and that no one even died.

I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

I was once a Royal Military Policeman serving in the British Army willing to kill and die for Queen and Country. So you can appreciate how far I’ve come considering that now all I want to see is for Queen Elizabeth II to be tried for Crimes against Humanity.

All my pride and joy in being British has evaporated in a puff of smoke. I only feel shame and disgust that our illustrious Monarch and her in-breed family are accused of being members of a sick satanic cult murdering and eating babies in satanic rituals every Saturday night.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I have to admit David Icke is right.

There is no turning back and I wish there was. I wish my conspiracy tenancies were proved wrong, debunked and stamped on. But alas they persist and grown stronger with every passing day. The flow of conspiracy theories never end.

Like millions I am dreading Chris Spivey’s latest article because he’s promising to expose Princess Diana’s fatal car crash as a fake false flag event.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I can’t grieve for a fallen Princess whom I once loved so much.

Being a conspiracy theorist has destroyed the life I once had. Gone are the laughs, the smiles and the carefree attitude that all was right with the world.

Now it feels as though I’m living in a bad B-horror movie in which the world is over-run by body snatching satanist zombies intent on killing us all, raping our children and opening a portal to the Gates of Hell.

Being a conspiracy theorist I see everything in a new light. I can't even join in with the nation’s pride and delight that British astronaut Tim Peake made it into space. I’m so entrenched that I harbour serious doubts as to whether there even is Space, let alone whether the Earth is round, whether Man walked on the moon and whether the Sun is really 93 million miles away from us.

If I was to search for something good about being a conspiracy theorist, I’d have to think very hard. Having learnt there really was a King Arthur who lived from 503AD to 579AD fills me with some delight and satisfaction. It's like discovering Santa Claus is real after-all. But alas, the thrill soon wears off as the real King Arthur story goes onto reveal the disturbing reality that the Dark Ages were brought about with Asteroid debris destroying the Arthurian Kingdom in 576AD and that to save his people King Arthur sailed to America in a fleet of 700 ships, where upon he was eventually assassinated by a native while battling with the Red Indians in Kentucky.

I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I don't know where it’ll end...

Where does the fabled rabbit hole lead us? Is there a definitive answer? Are we right or wrong? I hate being a conspiracy theorist because I’m no closer to the answer than I was when I started so many years ago.

Having been given the option of the red pill or the blue pill, I wish I had taken the other one and not have known.

Living in ignorance is a lot better than living in the knowledge that we are being systematically killed on an industrial scale.