Thursday, 19 September 2013

Working for the Very Best.

Have you ever wondered what its like to work for the very best? The most famous and high profile people in the world? Have you ever wondered what's it like to be in the private entourage of the world's most famous celebrities, corporate giants and royalty? Well dream no more. It can be yours.

Working for high profile clientele takes a special type of person. Above all else they must be able to satisfy the high standards which come with working for the most demanding clients in the world. If you think you have what it takes, the next step will be to make sure you don't make mistakes as you approach their world, with the view of knocking on their door and being allowed in.

The Two Golden Rules of working for the rich and famous is excellent service and absolute privacy.

Excellent Service.
Mediocre is not acceptable. Only the very best standard of service is allowed. Whether its the finer details when organizing an event, to the finest ingredients in a meal, to the immaculate cleaning and folding of bed sheets and laundry. If you haven't got the technical experience to provide the very best service, you won't be working for the very best.

Absolute Privacy.
Whether you want a job as a PA, cleaner, chef, body-guard or nanny, you will be allowed into the inner sanctum of their private world. Its a niche market with vast rewards. But if its discovered that their private details, their private tastes, spending habits and hobbies are the basis of idle gossip, then you wont be working for the very best ever again.

To work for the very best means you get paid the very best. Yearly incomes of $100,000 is just the beginning. Working for the rich and famous is a niche market which brings great rewards and perks. Working for the very best means you accompany your client everywhere they go. Exotic locations on holiday. Inclusion to the most private clubs and the most prestigious events around the world.

Working for the rich and famous is a dream, that can come true for you!

Where to start?

The Luxury School of Staffing is your perfect introduction that offers everything you need to know about approaching the world of the rich and famous and getting a job.

Gertrude Lily CEO and driving force behind this exclusive training school has the experience to guide you through the minefield of obstacles, to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to approach high profile clientele with the confidence to shine through and get the job of your dreams.

To find out more information visit the website and get in touch.

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