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News in that a Pakistani anti-corruption crusader has been found hanged in an apparent suicide.

Karman Faisal
One of many, after the last few weeks, and one of many more, over the last few decades.

Isn't it convenient to those who want to suppress and enslave our lives, that so many people commit suicide at such convenient times in their lives.

Starting with the most recent, Kamran Faisal, who was investigating claims that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervaiz was taking brides.

My condolences to Faisal's father who insists his son had “strong nerves” and would never have killed himself.

Kamran Faisal said himself, “I told the court that my life was in danger and if I died an unnatural death the [officials I was investigating] would be responsible for my death."

This follows hot-on-the-heels of the internet activist Aaron Swartz's apparent suicide at the tender age of 26.

Aaron Swartz
With his whole life ahead of him, he helped create an early version of RSS and later played a key role in stopping a controversial online piracy bill in Congress.

Police found Swartz's body hanging in his Brooklyn apartment.

Again, a Convenient Suicide...

December 2012 saw the suicide of Nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who was working on reception when Australian DJs made the infamous prank call, pretending to be the Queen calling for Katy, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Jacintha Salenha
I seem to be repeating myself, oh what a 'Convenient Suicide', because her death has ensured no one will 'Prank' with the Royals again.

Lets delve deeper....

The most controversial suicide of recent times has got to be the renowned scientist and family man, Doctor David Kelly.

I'm not going to rake over old ground, but there is one indisputable truth. His suicide was very convenient to the Blair/Campbell government in hiding the truth of Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction.
Dr David Kelly

But don't be fooled. They haven't always used suicide as their prefered choice. Once upon a time they used a more unorthodox approach, which, though bizzarre, achieved the same result.

Take the unfortunate Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, who many tipped as a future Prime Minsiter, Stephen Milligan. He held an enviable reputation in the world of journalism, having once been the financial/business editor with the New York Economist and for then BBC.

Stephen Milligan MP
He won his Eastleigh constituency on his first attempt, but had his reputation posthumously dragged through the mud, following his apparent accidental death due to autoasphyxiation.

He died in what would appear to be the most embarrassing way ever; semi-nude, wearing stockings and suspenders with a bin bag over his head, an electric flex round his neck and an orange in his mouth.
So unbecoming of a man who was engaged to Julie Kirkbride, at the time a political correspondent with the Sunday Telegraph and later a Tory MP at Bromsgrove in the Midlands. In his last interview before his death, he spoke of his desire to settling down and starting a family.
What many people are encouraged to forget is that he was the Parliamentary Personal Secretary to the notorious arms dealer, Jonathan Aitken, then a minister in the Tory government. Aitken, was known to have an particular interest in Sado-Masochistic sex - Milligan wasn't.

He was known as a man who would not be quieted or made to follow a political line that might have fallen outside of his personal beliefs. Let's reiterate, Mr Milligan had many years of journalistic integrity behind him and was certainly no man's fool. Did he overhear something in closed circles, or did he speak out about something he knew in similar closed circles? Was his death an accident, or was it murder most foul, engineered in such a way as to besmirch the name of the victim from the onset and make it look like a bizarre sex ritual had resulted in death?
A lesser known personality, James Rusbridger, who was an ex-M16 agent and respected investigative journalist specialising in intelligence matters, also died in the same month as Stephen Milligan.
He was found hanging from a beam in his loft at his house in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall in February 1994, in an apparent suicide.
When his body was discovered, he was dressed in a green protective suit for use in nuclear, biological or chemical warfare, green overalls, a black plastic mackintosh and thick rubber gloves. His face was covered by a gas mask and he was also wearing a sou'wester. His body was suspended from two ropes, attached to shackles fastened to a piece of wood across the open loft hatch, and was surrounded by pictures of men and mainly black women in bondage.
Oh how convenient for the Royal Family, especially as it was reported shortly before his death that he had started work on a controversial book about the Windsor's.
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Royal Family aka The Windsor Royal Family
The text of the book has never been released, and there were various discrepancies and strange events connected to his death that were reported at the time but have never been fully explained - such as journalists being followed to his house by unmarked cars. He was infamous for writing letters to newspapers which poured scorn on the Official Secrets Act; his books, such as The Intelligence Game, cast doubt on the official version of events. Just before his death, he unearthed Britain's code-cracking secrets, in particular the story that the British had cracked Japanese naval codes in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

The more you dig, the mirkier it gets.

And then we come to the infamous mass killer, Fred West. Another apparent suicide which the population welcomed, hook-line-and-sinker.

Fred West
Even though he was designated a "vulnerable" prisoner after a psychiatric assessment, he still found the time and means to end his life, when he should have been under 24 hour surveillance.

Convenient because its commonly believed by many researchers that Fred West supplied local sex rings with their girls. Satanic connections were found on his victims, evident with certain finger and toe bones missing, which is conclusive with satanic rituals.

It goes without saying the convenience of his suicide, compared to a sensational trial, which God knows what would have been brought up, was greatly appreciated by the afore-mentioned sex rings which he supplied.

Coming to the end and without delving deeper into the old favourite suicides throughout history such as Marilyn Munro's, Hitlers and going back further to even Judas's, I'll leave you with a gem.

The convenient suicide, by a gunshot to the head, of a Texan woman in 2003 called Margie Schoedinger.

Margie Schoedinger
Exclusively reported by the New Nation newspaper, she filed a lawsuit against President George Bush, accusing him of a series of sex crimes against her and her husband.

In an amazing seven page document filed at Fort bent County Court in Texas, she claimed Bush abducted, raped and beat her. (Its not clear whether the President was ever served with her suit.)

What's more amazing is that shortly before her 'convenience suicide', American journalist Jackson Thoreau reported that Schoedinger had rung him saying that Bush wanted her dead, but could trust no one to carry out the crime.

Oh so convenient that she should end up with a hole in her head....

Am I making the inference that George Bush did it, fuck yeah..... 

Convenient Suicide, my arse.........

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