Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What Next?

What next after the NWO collapses? 
 It goes without saying that a social up-rising will save the world from the evil criminals masquerading as world leaders, bankers, kings and queens. 

 The critical mass has been reached and the mass media cannot ignore the crowds any longer. 

 The crowds that will smash down the doors and ransack everything the new world order holds so dear. 

 And it's this, I want to talk about. 

 What to do NEXT once the new world order has been brought to it’s knees? 

 As much as they deserve it, I don’t want to see public hangings. 

People are already calling for their balls and once the truth of their crimes become clear, people will be calling for a lot worse. 

 No, I want them to be paraded on the TV and told to explain to the people what their crimes are, as you would explain to a child. 

 The public need to hear from their own mouths who they really are and what they’ve really done. 

The whys, when's, where's and how's, revealed in every detail, so that justice can be done and the truth be told. 

 No, rather than hang them, I want them all locked them up in the Big Brother house. 

Let them confess their sins to the world. Let the people decide with weekly evictions, what justice they get.  

 I want to see The Bushes, (father and sons). The german family Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, aka known as The Windsors. Tony Blair of-course, Gordon Brown, Gary Glitter, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin for sure, The Clintons, The Rothchild’s and The Rockefeller's. William Hague and Harriet Harman. 
And of-course every Big Brother house needs a token black person, and who else could it be than the one and only, Barrack Obama. And thrown in Robert Mugabe for good measure. 

 Above all else, it’ll make great TV..... 



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