Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ofcom v's Press TV

Its a sad day for freedom of speech, that today (20 January 2012), Ofcom revoked Press TV's licence and kicked them off British television.

What is even more sad is the amount of people who welcomed it…

Don't they reaiise that Press TV isn't about Iranian government propaganda, George Galloway and homosexual rights.

In my humble opinion it's about the Censorship of Britain's information.

I like to think of myself as a Free Thinking individual who tries his best to develop a rounded view of the world we live in. I do this by watching a variety of news outlets and making a considered opinion based on them all.

I watch Channel Four News, BBC2 Newsnight, Sky, RT, Al Jazeera, France 24 and CNC World. Up until a few days ago I watched Press TV too.

Whatever the reason Ofcom acted on, it amounts to nothing more than State Censorship and that's never a good thing.

Ofcom contends Press TV breached the Broadcasting code by airing an interview of a man under duress. Though there is evidence to suggest that Press TV's criticism of the British Royal family may be the real reason.

Regardless, this action will only inflame the conspiracy theories that say a new world order of unelected, satanists are taking control of our bodies, minds and souls.

It will open the eyes of law abiding Free Thinking individuals who cannot dismiss the authoritarian fascism which is creeping into our daily lives.

It's certainly opened my eyes and has convinced me to do more than blogging and pressing the 'like' button.

I'll be telling people who don't know this has happened and I'll be writing to the Prime Minister and my local MP to make my objections clear.

Ironically the fact Ofcom deemed Press TV to be a 'nasty news channel', will convince millions of people who never watched Press TV in the first instance, to log on and watch it now.

It illustrates the stupidity of our ruling elite classes to think they can stifle free speech, dictate what we must think and how to act.

This day will come them to haunt them, MARK MY WORDS…

This has been a political thought brought to you by the

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