Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Book Record 2010

Peter James- The Perfect Murder (Quick Read)
PB, 10/10, 127 pgs
23 February 2010
The best way to start the year with a great quick read from a master story teller.

Robert Harris- The Ghost
HB, 9/10, 310 pgs
28 March 2010
It was the wife! Based on Tony Blair; very enjoyable.

Alvin Schwartz- An Unlikely Prophet
A metaphysical memoir by the leg
endary writer of Superman and Batman
PB, 8/10, 218 pgs
28 March 2010
The premise of the book is that Superman is a Tulpa...
Tulpa: a being or object that is created in the imagination by visualization techniques such as in Tibetan mysticism

Carmilla Lackberg- The Ice Princess
PB, 7/10, 406 pgs
10 June 2010
(A Swedish Crime Writer) In the same mould as Peter James, a really good crime novel.

Peter James- Dead Like You
HB, 7/10, 554 pgs
18 July 2010
The 6th book in the Roy Grace series. Rape in Brighton and the one who got away. 7/10 because I don't like criminals getting away with it.

Dan Brown- The Last Symbol
PB, 10/10, 670 pgs
16 August 2010
A bloody brilliant read. Loved it. Right up my street. The words will inspire me for years to come.

Ben Elton- Past Mortem
PB, 7/10, 460 pgs
2 October 2010
I enjoyed it. It wasn't his best, but it was good enough.

Tom Arnet- Somnium
PB, 8/10, 418 pgs
18 November 2010
The first book of the Extraneum Trine.
I ordered this book after watching an interview of him on TV.
The first book of my new AWAKENING!

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