Saturday, 27 August 2011

MAD Politics

MAD politics is a concept not many of us are familiar with, nor comfortable being discussed in mainstream politics. Madness is deemed undesirable by society and anyone who is mad is usually locked up in a padded cell for their own safety.

This is alarming considering one in four of us are reported to suffer from a mental illness once in our life-time. From that statistic alone, you would think there would be an asylum on every street corner, but no. The mad are treated within the community more and more. So, following this, it is only right to presume the mad make up a big percentage of the voters today?

Then there are those who don’t have a mental illness, but instead a difference of opinion to the more established thinking of the day.

All politicians should be rounded up and shot”, could be a common line, heard up and down the UK, in any pub, on any given day.

You’re mad mate, that would never happen”, would most probably be the reply.

Immediately, such a crazy thought is dismissed out of hand. And of-course it should be. The cold bloodied murder of 646 individuals should never be condoned.

But the point I want to make is that on BBC Newsnight, politicians may well discuss an invasion of a country, resulting in whole armies being killed and collateral damage on a massive scale.

Cold bloodied murder of thousands of innocent people, but yet madness is never mentioned.

The question the British people have to confront is:
What is mad?

The Monster Raving Looney Party is what people would usually associate with mad politics. I personally see it as more silly politics than mad. 

Ironically one of their policies made it into law. Passports for animals are now a reality.

The 2010 General Election in the UK saw a 65% voter turnout. Leaving a respectable 35% who didn’t bother. 

In our present system we have the choice of left and right. This is how our political choices are divided up and sold to us. The Conservatives take the right and Labour the left, with a collection of smaller parties taking up the rest. 

You get far left and far right. The farthest right you go, you come to the neo-fascists and the religious fundamentalists who believe the ’Rapture’ is imminent.

At the other end, you could come across the hippies who believe in UFO’s, ghosts and fairies.

The point I want to make is that perhaps it is these far spectrums of voters, which should be brought into the fold and given the attention they so obviously deserve.

Millions of people across the globe believe in imminent ’Rapture’ and just as many believe in UFO’s. With these beliefs come different political views and expectations of what society should be doing and how it should be doing it.

This is what mad politics is all about. Giving the mad the microphone, so they can speak loud and proud. Then and only then might we get into the realm of 99% voter turnouts. 

All the time the left, right and centre get their voices heard. But never once have I heard a madman or woman on the panel giving their political point of view. 

The 35% of people who didn’t vote in 2010, must have something to say. And no doubt it’s at logger heads with what the rest are saying.

I myself have a simple rule that seems to sum up my approach to political debate. I’ve found that everything our politicians say ’yes’ to, I say ’no’ to.

Amazingly this approach bears wisdom whenever it's used. You can bet your last pound that if a politician is telling you something is good for you, it really isn’t. And if something is bad for you, it really is good. Deeper research in anything they say, proves this point, time and time again.

For example let’s take a closer look at the perceived sanity of our politicians to date.

The number one waste of money that springs to mind is the billions spent on the nuclear deterrent which no-one has used or wants to use. In fact, the madness of it is spelt out for us all to see.
Mutually Assured Destruction (Em A Dee) is the one thing keeping us alive.

(Bear in mind I’m just picking examples out of the air here). 

Number two, the reason we went to war with Iraqi over weapons of mass destruction, was based on a conspiracy theory that they had weapons of mass destruction. 

Isn’t it madness in itself that governments should send soldiers to their deaths on a theory rather than fact?

Three... Paying people not to work in the form of benefits, often called unemployment benefit. 

No wonder people don’t want to work if the government gives them a benefit not too. Madness, but a bloody good perk if you can get it.

Four, I have to think now... Oh yes. Allowing a private consortium of banks to print the nation’s money supply, and borrowing that money from the banks at interest. This means that the government needs to tax its people to pay back the interest the banks demand, on the money the governments allowed them to print.

According to the UK National Debt figures, £43 Billion was paid in interest to the banks in 2010. Is it not madness that the countries entire income tax is spent on paying back the interest on the money we borrow from the banks, for allowing them to print our money in the first place?

Number five, now let me think....Arhhhh, Easy.

Sending our fitness, brightest and best men and women to war, with the real and present danger of getting them killed. Isn’t it madness to spend billions on death and destruction, when we would get more for our money, if it was rather spent on life and reconstruction?

Isn’t it best to talk to your enemy and become friends, rather than kill your enemy and create more enemies for generations to come?

There you go, five examples plucked from the air, of the madness we presently have to endure under the guise of so called sanity.

Dig deeper and I bet you too can pluck five examples from the air, of the madness our politicians make us bare.

If we are going to call a spade a digging implement or a carrot an orange edible vegetable, then so be it. Our politicians have won the battle of our minds to dictate their will over ours. But if you want to call a spade a spade and a carrot a carrot, then perhaps, just perhaps, we all have to go be a bit more mad, to stand up to the so called sanity we are being force feed every day.

This world really is topsy-turvy and perhaps a dose of madness will turn it the right way round.

So, how about it everyone? Don’t you think it’s time madness gets its chance to voice its political point of view?

You may come to the conclusion that madness is the refreshing change our country needs, as we tackle the 21st century.

I’m MAD, are you?

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