Saturday, 27 August 2011

It's War- Fact v's Fiction

It’s war.

You may have already have noticed it banging at your front-door.

It’s not a war of good verses evil. Of right against wrong. Of left against right.

It's a war of FACT against FICTION.

This is the war that’s being fought all around us and with the anniversary of the 9/11 looming, it's about to go into over-drive.

What are the FACTS? And what is the FICTION?

This is the question and the basis of the war, we find ourselves fighting.

A FACT is something you can experience with your five senses and FICTION is something from the imagination.

These are the sides each and every one of us must now join.

The problem being of-course, is that we don’t know one from the other. Each army believes they know the FACTS and that everyone else has been manipulated and brainwashed into believing the FICTION..

Which brings us to another question.

Where is the truth in all of this?

Perhaps there is no truth. After-all, truth is in the eye of the beholder.

As the old saying goes, “History is written by the victorious…regardless of the truth.”

Would it be fair to surmise, “there is no truth, only facts and lies.”

For this is the dividing line. The line between mind-sets and paradigms.

This war won’t involve guns and bombs. It’ll manifest itself with a knock at your door. With detention without cause and confiscation of what you hold most dear in the world, namely your children, car and home.

The government will feed us fiction packaged as fact, as they did with weapons of mass destruction, terrorism attacks and the absolute necessity to save the banks.

Was 9/11 really the work of Islamic fundamentalists. Was 7/7 really the work of four young men.

Was Osama Bin Laden really killed in Pakistan and dumped at sea. Who really killed JFK? Are really aliens real? And did men really land on the moon?

What are we being told? Is it Fact or Fiction?

That’s the greatest question. And this is the question we must answer to achieve salvation.

Decide now and choose your side. War is upon us today and we must fight now to secure our tomorrow.

Everyone must read between the lines, watch news from around the world and research other more obscure media outlets to see what is really going on.

You may have guessed what side I’m on.

I don’t believe a word the media and government’s say.

It’s a dangerous world out there and it’s getting more so with each passing day.

But don’t get too scared. FACT will win the day.

Just be prepared for a change. Be prepared for something totally new, but most importantly of all, be prepared to change your beliefs and everything you know to be true....

War is at our door. Time to decide. Is it FACT or is it FICTION. Is it time to Live or die?

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