Wednesday, 13 April 2011

You are my last best hope for victory...

Hi there, My name is Matthew Taylor and I'm writing to you about my SOS (Save Our Society) Party. Like many, I look upon the leaders of Western Democracy as criminals and evil doers and dream of reinventing the political industry by spreading an alternative political message, that our Western Leaders are telling us lies and feeding us propaganda to promote their own selfish and misguided agendas. Since 1997 I have been promoting the SOS Party (see and humbly appeal to you for financial contributions so I can register the SOS (Save Our Society) Party as a legitimate political party and run in forth-coming general and local elections. With your financial support I will be able to take the SOS Party to a new level, and awake the British people to the fact that Western Democracy is nothing more than a lie that keeps corrupt men in power. Please check over my website at and see for yourselves my vision and what I stand for. No doubt there may be certain views in which we differ, but be rest assured, there are more views in which we share. With your support we can make our world a better place. All and any financial support is welcome. Donate Here May God be with you and the Light of Life shine on you forever. Matthew Taylor

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